What I bought at Victoria's Secret

While going through my old pictures (I really want to clear my backlog!), I found some pictures of what I bought at the Victoria's Secret shop at Schiphol Airport years ago. Back then, I just loved the brand and I was so excited to see that I could finally get something from them without having to fly to America. The store selection was pretty limited and because I didn't really like the underwear that they had in store and the toilet bags were a bit too expensive, I only bought beauty products. 

Victoria's Secret shopping bag fragrance mist lip glosses

I bought two 250 ml bottles of fragrance mists: no. 2 - Night Jasmin (feminine) and no. 3 - Sheer Amber (fruity). The scents were quite strong and longlasting. Although I loved the scents, they were a bit too heavy for me, so I mainly used them as room spray. 

Near the cash register, I found a small selection of lipglosses and I picked up four to try out. From the Victoria's Secret Color Shine lip gloss line, I got Rebel (shimmery coral) and Love it (shimmery red), and from the Victoria's Secret Shiny Kiss line, I got Taffy Go Lucky (candy pink with gold shimmers) and Shine Berry (purple with less noticeable shimmers). 

Victoria's secret lip gloss rebel love it taffy go lucky shine berry swatches

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