10 places in Rotterdam to have a drink and a snack - part 1

I am normally not a person, who likes to eat out or to get food delivered. I think it is mainly because of my mom, who is really frugal, and she passed that on to me. I also enjoyed cooking ever since I was little. I got cooking lessons from professionals to cope with my trauma and it helped increase my crushed self esteem (I heard drama classes helps a lot too). I discovered that I was good at cooking, I loved good food (if I ever allowed myself go eat, it better be amazing, and food you made yourself just tastes a little bit better than when others make it), and it made me smile when I saw people eat the food I prepared. But my blog has brought me on big adventures abroad and to many places that I have never been before. I keep discovering how limited my world and my knowledge is. During the winter, I went outside and visited many places in Rotterdam, where you can sit down and have a drink and/or a small snack, for the first time.

Bistro Bar Binnenrotte

Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam 

This bistro bar is located inside the central library of Rotterdam. I really love the large windows and the modern interior. On the menu, you can find sandwiches, a weekly soup, salads, yogurts, small bites, cakes, and a couple of simple and classic bistro meals. You should try their carrot cake (€3.95). Although the cake part was a bit dry when I went late afternoon, the nuts and carrot flavor was nice and the lemon butter cream in between and the lemon frosting on top were a nice touch. 

Bistrobar Binnenrotte Rotterdam bibliotheek library carrot cake

When the weather becomes nicer, it is also great to get up to the Stadsterras, the open air terrace on the roof of the library.

Stadsterras Rotterdam bibliotheek library


Hoogstraat 131, Rotterdam

Délifrance is a chain store, which sells French baguettes with different kinds of fillings, French pastries, snacks, salads, soups, coffee, teas, soda, and juices. The hot chocolate milk (€2.85), which is a must during the cold winters in the Netherlands, comes with a complimentary, airy, and sugary puff pastry cookie. It has a large outdoor terrace and there are many seats inside too. It can get quite busy on open market days (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and on weekends.

Délifrance Rotterdam Blaak chocomel

Obba's Foodbar

Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, unit 73-75 of the Markthal, Rotterdam

Obba's Foodbar is a Mediterranean bar/restaurant with large, to share, mezze, tapas, and antipasti platters as their specialty. They also have pita and wraps, turkish coffee and baklava, and a large variety of bar bites. Their hot chocolate milk with two complimentary amaretti cookies (€4) can also get spiced up with Baileys & whipped cream (€7.50). Gluhwein with orange and cinnamon (€5) can also be found on their menu.

Obba's foodbar markthal Rotterdam chocolate milk

Bokaal Rotterdam

Nieuwemarkt 11, Rotterdam

Bokaal Rotterdam is a cafe/pub with a big selection of beers and delicious ham and cheese platters and other bar snacks. You can also have lunch and dinner there. They serve sandwiches, salads, two different cakes, and simple pub meals. Their hot green tea (€2.30) is organic and from the brand, mr. Jones. I really like the attention to detail they have given to a simple cup of tea. You get a smaller glass to place the used tea bag, three small chocolate chip cookies, and a tube of honey to control how sweet you want your tea to be.

Bokaal Rotterdam hot green tea tulip mr. Jones organic

Brazuca Coffee

Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, unit 35 of the markthal, Rotterdam 

Brazuca Coffee is a Brazilian coffee bar with special items on the menu such as pão de queijo (cassava cheese bread), frozen açai bowls, and exotic fruit juices. I regret not trying any of their coffee, but the cold weather made me crave for a cup of hot chocolate milk. I got a hot chocolate milk in a to go cup (€3). The sweet milk chocolate flavor was very rich and at the bottom, I still found a lot of the chocolate bits that they used to flavor the hot milk.

Brazuca coffee markthal Rotterdam hot chocolate milk to go cup

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