10 places in Rotterdam to have a drink and a snack - part 2

This is part 2 of my blog post "10 places in Rotterdam to have a drink and a snack" and I will show you the last 5 places, where I had a drink and a snack during the winter.

Ten to three bakery

Aert van Nesstraat 24, Rotterdam

Ten to three bakery has a very girly interior with a lot of pink (my favorite color!) and very beautiful, instaworthy cupcakes. I am currently trying to be more healthy, so I was happy to see that they also have a smaller version of their cupcakes. The mini lemon cupcake (€1.40) I got was a bit on the dry side and the butter cream was a little bit grainy (possibly, because I went late afternoon and almost near dinner time), but the flavors were great. The cake has a subtle butter flavor and the lemon butter cream has a strong and nice lemon flavor. The colorful sprinkles on top were crumchy and not too overly sugary.

ten to three bakery Rotterdam mini lemon cupcake

Delicious & Delight

Meent 15A, Rotterdam

Delicious & Delight is a Turkish bakery and I have always been curious about those round bread rings with sesame seeds. When I went in there, I couldn't find any name cards and prices, so I had no idea what everything is. I discovered that it is called a simit (€1.25), when I read the name on the receipt. I thought it would be similar to my favorite sesame bagels, but it was crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. I like how it isn't too heavy on the stomach. The bread and the drink was also served on a pretty tray. 

Delicious & Delight Rotterdam sesame ring bread chocomel simit

Simitçi Dünyasi

Karel Doormanstraat 392, Rotterdam

After my first succesful try, I got another simit at Simitçi Dünyasi. Here, you can get simit with a variety of fillings and I chose the one with cheese (€2.75). The cheese had a strong, not too salty flavor, and tasted good with the bread. This restaurant has a large outdoor terrace, so you can also enjoy your drink and Turkish bread outside.                 

Simitçi Dünyasi simit cheese bread ring sesame seeds

Cafe restaurant Floor

Schouwburgplein 28, Rotterdam 

Previously, I have already written about the restaurant part of this establishment and after seeing how bustling and cosy the cafe/pub part was, I planned to have a drink there next time. I went before it becomes too crowded and I was able to chill with a great cup of cappuccino (€2.80). The milk foam on top was about 2 cm (not kidding!) and I liked the smooth and not too bitter or sour coffee flavor. The complimentary cookie was crunchy and buttery.     

cafe restaurant floor rotterdam cappuccino coffee

Figaro Lunch & more

Oude Binnenweg 53A, Rotterdam

This is a lunchroom, where you can find a large range of freshly made sandwiches. It is a rather small place, but they mainly cater to people, who buy sandwiches for breakfast and lunch to go. The cappuccino (€2.75) and hot chocolate milk (€2.75) both came with a complimentary chocolate chip cookie. The cappuccino I ordered, had some sour notes, which I didn't like so much, but the other person, who I was with, really enjoyed the hot chocolate mik.     

Figaro lunch and more lunchroom Rotterdam hot chocolate milk cappuccino

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