Maybelline Color show street artist top coat 01 and 03

While clearing the clutter in my room (Who isn't so bored to death that even cleaning up feels exciting? Or like treasure hunting?), I found two Maybelline Color show street artist top coats: 01 - boom box black and 03 - urban vibe. I bought these many years ago and I am surprised that they are still as good as new.

The transparent nail polish base applies smoothly (not too goopy or sticky) and it dries up very quickly. The layer is really thin, so applying it on top of an existing nail color doesn't make it look like it is too thick. The glitters are black and pale, almost pastel, neon yellow and orange. I like how it looks artistic and still very fashionable and cute. Even though it is a top coat, I have also put them on my nails without anything underneath and it looks great that way too. The scent of the nail polish is a bit strong, but not to the extent that it is unbearable.

Maybelline Color show street artist top coat 03 - urban vibe nail swatch

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