Food delivery: pizza and grilled chicken

I normally don't get food delivered to my home, as I enjoy cooking and I don't find most food that tasty after waiting very long. But during the time, my mom was away on vacation last year, and I couldn't eat her homemade food, I got a bit lazy and ordered some food through a food delivery app and also, online, via the restaurant's own website. I just hate phone calls and having to spell everything I want out to the smallest detail, so it is super convenient for me.

Since everyone is in quarantine and we can't really enjoy a meal in a restaurant that easily, most people will have to eat at home more often. For the people, who enjoy cooking and have the time to cook, you can check out my YouTube channel for recipes. Those, who enjoy having food delivered, can see what kind of food I ordered underneath. 

Kipkip Rotterdam grilled chicken

I got two halves of grilled chicken (€7,50 each) at Kipkip. The chicken skin wasn't perfect (not very crispy or really pretty looking), but the seasoning was nice. Not too much herbs or too salty. I like that it isn't the traditional, heavy paprika seasoning that I kind of expected. The meat was juicy and flavorful. 

Domino's pizza California chicken alfredo

I ordered the California chicken alfredo pizza (large, 35 cm, tomato sauce, €10.95) at Domino's pizza. It has a cheese sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, Mediterranean herbs, Emmentaler cheese, and spring onions. The tomato sauce and the cheese flavor was light and not too heavy, just how I like it. The pizza was also thin and crispy. 

Papa John's chicken shawarma shoarma pizza

At Papa John's, I ordered the chicken shawarma pizza (€11,99). It has pizza sauce, mozzarella, double seasoned chicken shawarma, fresh tomatoes, onions, and a garlic sauce to pour on top. The pizza is crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The pizza sauce and the mozarella cheese were just right for me, not too strong flavored. The chicken shawarma didn't leave a strong impression. I mostly felt like I was eating a mozzarella pizza. On the side, there is a pickled chili pepper and a cup with garlic sauce. It isn't the white garlic sauce that I am used too. It is a thick buttery sauce with a garlic flavor. 

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