What to buy in Düsseldorf

I am not an expert in shopping in Düsseldorf (only been there twice), but I still want to share what I bought. The main reasons I went all the way there was to eat some Japanese ramen and Korean fried chicken (see here and here) and to stock up on Asian groceries. It really is one of the few cities in Europe, where I can imagine myself living there permanently (I cannot live without my Chinese or Japanese rice, even if it is so expensive that I can only eat it once a month).

To get small snacks and sweets for breakfast and when I got hungry during the day, I went to these four places.

At the DM drugstore in the Schadow-Arkaden shopping mall, I bought some shower and bath products from their house brand, Balea. From other bloggers and Youtubers I heard that it is a cheap brand with reasonably good quality. To give it a try, I bought two bottles of shower gel (€0.55 each) and two bags of bath salt (€0.75 each).

Balea bath salt shower gel berries magical team dream big erhol dich

The supermarkets that I visited are:

- Hanaro Markt. Large Asian supermarket with a prepared food section (onigiri, Korean kimbap, rice bowls and bentos, side dishes, Korean rice cakes, etc.) and a fresh meat and fish section. There is a selection of goods with 50% off, but they may be close or past expiry date.

- Fresh Asia (+Fresh Asia dessert). I visited this supermarket, when the makgeolli at Hanaro market suddenly got sold out (reminder to myself: buy many bottles, whenever you see it and not wait for the next day, just because it is too heavy). They only have two kinds, I think one without flavor and banana, but it seems to be always in stock. The dessert shop next door has fresh soy milk and Chinese cakes. I wanted to try it, but it was closed on Sundays and during holidays.

- Dae-Yang Oriental food. A smaller supermarket with a small food to go and hot snacks corner and narrow paths, but they do have a large selection of Japanese sweets and snacks (such as Pocky and KitKat). I bought a pint of green tea ice cream and the tasty Morning rice drink here.

- Shochiku. It is a small, mainly Japanese supermarket with a bakery section and a fresh fish and sushi section. From 19:00, the prepared food gets 50% off. Near the end of the year, they also have 10% discount on many products.

- Zurheide supermarket (Berliner Allee 52). It is a very large supermarket and the location is relatively easy to get to from where I stayed.

- Rewe city supermarket (Carlsplatz 18). It is in Altstad, but there is a fresh produce market next to it, so I looked around there too.

You can see what I bought at those supermarkets in the videos underneath:

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