Unboxing: Missha Fall in lucky box

During my first trip to Seoul, I felt really happy to finally be able to pick out Korean beauty products in person and in their own brand stores too. Before, I was only able to buy them online. It was a lot of guesswork and doing research by looking up swatches and reviews on the Internet. Since I went during the Chuseok holidays, most stores were closed for an extended period (maybe except for the stores in the busy streets of Myeongdong), so I couldn't shop as much as I wanted. However, I did get lucky that many brands released lucky boxes. Previously, I already showed you what was inside the Lapcos lucky box and today, I will show you what was in the Missha Fall in lucky box. 

Missha fall in lucky box cream pure source sheet masks

Besides the Lucky box, I also purchased the Missha Super Aqua Ice tear sleeping mask and four different sets of Missha Pure Source cell sheet masks: green tea, mango, pearl, and lentil bean. 

Missha Fall in lucky box unboxing freebies samples

I think I paid around 39,000 won for the Lucky box. It contained the Missha Time Revolution night repair borabit ampoule (50 ml, 37,800 won), Missha Super Aqua Ice tear toner (180 ml, 11,800 won), Missha Near Skin pH balancing cleansing foam (150 ml, 9,800 won), Missha Pure Source cell sheet mask - aloe vera (5 pieces, 5,000 won), 2 Missha Love Secret hand creams - Cotton white and Wild cherry (30 ml each, 6,000 won in total), Missha Perfect Lip and Eye remover - mild (155 ml, 5,500 won), and the Missha glam enamel tint - CR01 Lucia (12,800 won). 

I liked every product and I was about to get the hand creams. They were even spot on with the coral pink lip color. The only thing that I didn't like as much were the aloe vera sheet masks, as I might be allergic for this ingredient, so I gave those away. I also really liked the large amount of samples that they gave me with my purchases. I forgot to include it in the group picture of the samples, as it just seemed too good to be true, but I also received a full-size cleansing foam as a freebie. 

Missha time revolution night repair borabit ampoule super aqua ice tear toner perfect lip and eye remover

Missha love secret hand cream near skin pH balancing cleansing foam

Missha glam enamel tint cr01 lucia

The freebies

What I received for free with my purchases were: Missha Super Aqua Refreshing cleansing foam (100 ml), Missha Super Aqua peeling gel (samples), Missha scalp therapy shampoo (samples), Missha All around Safe Block Waterproof sun milk (samples), 3 packs of cleansing tissue, Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment essence intensive moist and the Missha Time Revolution night repair - borabit ampoule (samples), Missha Near skin pH balancing cleansing oil and cleansing foam (samples), and Missha Misa Cho Gong Jin First oil (samples). 

Samples freebies Missha super aqua refreshing cleansing foam

Missha samples freebies cleansing tissues

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