Lidl Sol & Mar #1: pastry, cookies, chips, and shrimp

Ever since the Lidl and Aldi supermarkets have opened near my house, I am able to try out a lot more new grocery items. Before, I only had the Albert Heijn supermarket and Dirk supermarket in walking distance. Since a vacation to a faraway place seems out of question nowadays, it is nice that the Lidl supermarket frequently has a specific country themed week with foreign products that are normally not that easy to get our hands on. Not everything is amazing, but sometimes, I discover something interesting, so I keep trying new things out. 

From the latest Spanish week, I bought a couple of products of the Lidl Sol & Mar brand.

From the bakery section, I got this soft and fluffy, swirl pastry called ensaimada from Mallorca for €0.29. It was light and airy and not too sweet. I decorated it with a little bit of whipped cream and blueberries. 

Lidl supermarket sol & mar swirl pastry sweet Spanish roll

I also picked out these two kinds of biscuits: cinnamon biscuits and almond biscuits. The cinnamon biscuits were crunchy and light like Marie biscuits and with a thin dusting of sugar and cinnamon on top. The cinnamon flavor isn't too strong, as you barely notice it. The almond biscuits have a soft, melt-in-your-mouth, texture and a strong egg flavor, similar to the Dutch eierkoek.

Lidl supermarket sol & mar cinnamon almond biscuits

I had bought some great waffle shaped chips in Germany before during my trip to Düsseldorf and I thought these were similar, but the crunch is a bit different. I like the German waffle chips more. The cheese and porcini flavored chips has a very strong manchego cheese like flavor and similar to durian and stinky tofu, some will love it, some will hate it. The aioli flavored chips have a subtle olive oil and salt flavor, with a tiny hint of garlic. It was nice to try once. 

Lidl supermarket sol & mar chips potato snacks aioli porcini cheese

I also got three boxes of these Sol & Mar frozen shrimp. I just love shrimp and these are large and juicy. I can already imagine myself putting them on the BBQ, in dumplings, in stirfry dishes, in ramen, and in one pot dishes. 


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