RIP Haruma Miura

I recently heard the news that Haruma Miura, a talented Japanese actor, has died. I still remember him from the days that I was a big fan of Japanese drama and almost watched everything. I think it started in the nineties with the TV series, Love Generation, starring Kimura Takuya and ended around the time of Haken no Hinkaku, Nobuta wo Produce, Kekkon dekinai otoko, and Gokusen (of which Haruma Miura is part of the third series). I switched to Korean drama after watching Jewel in the Palace, but Japanese drama still has a special place in my heart. It is sad to see him go at such a young age and with a bright future ahead of him. I found out that he secretly went to study in London for a short period and it seems to me that he wanted to escape his stressful life as a celebrity and live as a normal person. To get away from the life that is fully planned out by others and to be himself. To shut out all the noise and find out who he really is and what he wants in life. It is strange, as when you are not famous, you have seas of time and wish for your breakthrough role, but when you are famous, you get so many offers that you don't have any time to slow down and reflect every once in a while. I understand the company's point of view of maximizing profit, getting him interesting projects to continue to improve and gain exposure and fame, and getting his schedule full. They may have good intentions and think it is a way of taking care of him, doing everything for him and taking decisions for him so that he doesn't have to. But humans need to stay in control of their own lives and have authority over it. It is similar to what happened to a famous DJ. You know yourself the best and only you know, when you need a break and rest. Don't let others decide that for you. You need to be strong and stand up for yourself. I know everyone is conditioned to behave, obey, and fit in the group without standing out, but it is okay to be selfish sometimes. 

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