At first try #4: sodas, chocolate sticks, and Ricola cough drops

Staying inside so much, has made me crave for sweet things. During my visits to the supermarket (currently, my only form of recreation), I discovered some new products that I wanted to try out. 

Schweppes russchian wild berry agrumes citrus Sanpellegrino aranciata rossa blood orange

Schweppes Agrumes

It has four fruity flavors: orange, pomelo, lime, and mandarin. To me, it tastes like a fruity bitter lemon, which is great. 

Schweppes Russchian

It has notes of wild berries, carrot, and hibiscus. I just love the pretty color and it is a not too sweet soda with a layered forest berries flavor. 

Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa

I have previously tried the lemon and mandarin flavor, but this one seems new or it is because I didn't get hooked on the bloodorange flavor until recently. I still like the lemon flavor more, but this one is not that bad. 

Cravingz choco' rolls vanilla cream coconut

Cravingz choco' rolls coconut

I have bought this one before and it tastes similar to the Ferrero Raffaello. I quite like it.

Cravingz choco' rolls vanilla cream

This one is new to me and it has a soft, white cookie center flavor and a tiny hint of chocolate. 

Ricola herb caramel glacier mint

Ricola cough drops herb caramel and glacier mint

The Ricola lemon flavor is my favorite and at the Kruidvat store, I saw a 3-pack with this flavor and two other flavors that I have not tried yet. Since I don't want to be caught coughing outside (to avoid unneccessary fear and the resulting violence), I bought a small selection of cough drops. To not get bored by the same flavor, I thought it was fun to try these new ones: herb caramel and glacier mint. The Ricola herb caramel tastes similar to the Werther's original caramel hard candies, but not as sweet and buttery. The tiny hint of herbs blends well with the caramel flavor. The Ricola glacier mint has a mint flavor that is not too sharp, but the flavor might not be for everyone. To me, it was a bit strange, but I got used to it and was able to finish the box. 

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