What is wrong with people?

Not too long ago, a celebrity in the Netherlands was robbed in his own house by two people. They put a knife on his neck, beat him up, kicked him, humiliated him, threatened to kill him, tied him up, and he seriously feared for his life. He tried to calmly talk to them, but they kept yelling at him (due to the adrenaline and fear like bank robbers?). After they left, he was able to untie himself, but when he got out on the public streets, nobody answered his calls for help. Cars and bikes all went on without stopping. He eventually found security guards at a nearby museum, who was willing to call the police for him. 

Did this happen because bad people knew that he had the coronavirus and was quarantined in his home all by himself and nobody would walk in on them or they actually didn't know this and planned it a long time ago and they might have now accidentally gotten the coronavirus from him? Whatever it may be, the difficult times we are in, can make people do strange things. The fear of dying from the disease can make people become very short sighted and just think about the current. Party now, get rich now, enjoy yourself to the fullest now, and not think about the consequences and the future. I know it, as I have been there. The daily torture and pain, the helplessness, and being all by myself, really made me wonder how much more I could take. I wanted to keep on fighting, but it all seemed meaningless, as I kept losing without any hope of changing things and I just didn't know what I was fighting so hard for, since I have never experienced real happiness and safety. I lived day by day and took full advantage of anybody who would show some kindness to me, as it may be different the next day, or whenever their pity runs out and they decide it is enough. All this time, I thought it was because of my unusual eyes and the traumatized state that I was in that freaked people out, but even well known (not like he is a unfamiliar stranger to them) celebrities do not get help, when they need it the most. 

Online, I read some really bad comments about his situation, saying that he made it up for attention, that they have seen him in the news far too much lately, that he shouldn't flaunt his riches (not sure why his high rent and his Rolex watch are explicitly mentioned in articles about the robbery), and that he might have called it upon himself due to his alcohol and drugs addiction, which he is open about. Luckily, he is taking this quite well, as he still thinks that there are more good people than bad people in this world. 

But why do people make cruel jokes about such a serious situation? 

It reminds me a bit about the last discussion I had with a guy about how women can feel unsafe on the streets and how the dog whistle sounds that guys do for fun, is not that funny anymore. He minimized her feelings, by only looking at things from his perspective. Guys who would do that don't mean any harm, so she should not feel scared and overreact. He made a joke about it and it made me really angry. Now, that I look back, I am starting to think that I might be wrong about him. Maybe, it is just his awkward way of dealing with this. That he couldn't accept the truth that his mom, grandma, wife, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, or any other important woman in his life might have already had something bad happen to them or will happen to them in the future and that the threat and constant danger is real. Just like how this celebrity was violently robbed in his own house, makes people think that their own homes aren't safe either. So, they crack some jokes to remove the tension and distance themselves from the fear. In a way, I understand it, but you still hurt the victim with your words and behavior. 

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