Review: Liese creamy bubble color - rose tea brown and cassis berry

From Hong Kong, I received two boxes of Liese creamy bubble color hair dyes in the colors rose tea brown and cassis berry as souvenirs. I actually wanted a lot more things from the many drugstores and makeup counters that I cannot find back home, but I limited it to a couple of things so that they have enough free time for themselves. I didn't want them to visit every shop and counter for me to get bags full of stuff, while they are not interested in going there themselves. It is different if I asked someone to pick up some things for me, while they are shopping for themselves anyway. I also planned to try to find the time to visit Hong Kong myself the following year, but I don't think I will be traveling anytime soon. Hopefully, things will be different by the end of 2021. 

In the meantime, I could try to buy Western brand hair dyes in the local shops, but I haven't really found one yet that I like and looks good on black hair. Another option is to order some Japanese or Korean brand hair dyes online. 

For now, let's look at the two hair dyes from Liese that I tried for the first time. 

Review Liese creamy bubble color - cassis berry

Liese creamy bubble color - rose tea brown review

In the first picture, my mom used the Liese creamy bubble color - cassis berry hair dye from the Design series on her curly, short hair. It looks reddish brown with a tiny hint of pink. 

In the second picture, I used the Liese creamy bubble color - rose tea brown hair dye from the Natural series on my wavy long hair. It looks like a natural light brown color. 

I like the two hair dye colors, as they look very special. It is not just one color, as the color changes in different lights and angles. 

The application was easy, as you just apply the foam on the hair, without worrying about it dripping and getting everywhere. The scent was nice and it didn't took too long to rinse it out. My hair didn't feel dry after dyeing and it looked beautiful for about 3 months. It does require experience and skill to get the foam distributed on the hair evenly. One box of hair dye was enough for my long hair, which was a bit past the shoulder. 

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