Review: Kiss liquid heart rouge lipgloss 03 - Apricot Wink

The last time I shipped a couple of fukubukuro from Japan, I also tagged along two lip products from two different Japanese makeup brands to try out. I was affraid that they would get destroyed during shipping, but amazingly, they arrived in one piece, even though they were only wrapped in their original boxes and a thick layer of bubble wrap (in other words: no extra box and in the same box as the heavy and large fukubukuro). 

The first lip product that I will be reviewing is the Kiss liquid heart rouge lipgloss 03 - Apricot Wink (6g). I have never bought anything from this brand before, but the packaging just looked incredibly pretty. The bottle is very high quality as the gold foil didn't come off even after years, the plastic isn't flimsy, hollow, and light, and it closes off well. 

Kiss liquid heart rouge lipgloss 03 apricot wink review applicator heart gold foil print

I really like the applicator, as it not only looks cute with the heart shaped indent, which holds a good amount of lip gloss, it is flexible and the sharp point makes precise application a breeze. At first, the lip gloss is a bit sticky and a little hard to smear out, but I don't know if it is because of the body heat, it melts and smooths out on the lips. I barely feel it on the lips and after removal, my lips feel very moisturized. Almost like after applying a lip mask.

The only thing that I don't like as much is the color. In Japan, nude colored lip glosses in a large variety of tones was really popular. I didn't know this was nude toned too. From the picture of the lip gloss bottle that I saw, when ordering it online, I assumed it to be a dark pink. But on the lips, it is a very light pink, natural looking color. I was happy that I picked one of the darker shades of pink, as it covered my naturally pigmented lips well. It has a tiny shimmer in it, which is more visible at night, with the lights on (picture of the lips on the right). 

I normally don't buy a lot of light and nude colored lip products, but it is nice to have for when I want to do a more extreme eye makeup look and the lips need to draw less attention or for the more ordinary days. 

Kiss liquid heart rough lipgloss 03 apricot wink review lip swatch day night

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