Christmas snacks

During the Christmas holidays, I had many festive snacks at home to make the quarantine more enjoyable. So, not only was I baking more than normal, I also got more yummy and high calorie food. I think I need to dust off my Nintendo Ring Fit game and start excersizing daily again. 

Before I do that, I will show you what made me gain so much weight. 

First, I bought these pretty Christmas tompouce from the Albert Heijn supermarket. They were only €1 for two and they were freshly made, so I couldn't resist.

Albert Heijn supermarket christmas tompouce with crunchy sprinkles

At the Albert Heijn supermarket, you can also find many Picard products at the freezer section. I was curious about the eclairs and it was the perfect occasion to try them. Taken out of the box, they didn't look that pretty, so I decorated them with some Christmas sprinkles that I got from the Jumbo supermarket. The filling inside however, was quite special. The 12 mini eclairs had 4 different flavors: pecan nuts & vanilla, chocolate, red fruit, and mango & passion fruit. Basically, two fruity flavors with a hint of sourness and two sweet flavors. I liked the mango & passion fruit the most. 

Picard mini eclairs red fruit pecan nuts vanilla chocolate mango passion fruit

From the Lidl supermarket, I bought these cute Christmas tree shaped pastries filled with almond paste (in Dutch: gevulde koeken) and mini croque monsieur (tiny toasted sandwiches with emmenthal cheese and ham). 

Lidl delicieux mini croque monsieur emmenthal cheese

Lidl kerstbomen gevulde koeken christmas tree shaped pastries

From Amazon, we ordered the Lindt Lindor pistachio chocolate truffles and the Lindt Hazelnut chocolate spread. I really like anything with pistachio in it, so I enjoyed the chocolate truffles. The hazelnut chocolate spread was not too sweet and it had a nice hazelnut flavor. 

Lindt lindor pistachio chocolate truffles hazelnut chocolate spread

From HEMA, we ordered a cake with pretty fall decorations such as a leaf, acorn, and red mushrooms. This was right before the stores closed due to the pandemic. 

HEMA fall cake najaarstaart


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