Lush christmas sale 2020 (2021?)

On the Lush Netherlands Instagram account, I saw that they are doing the annual Christmas sale in a different way this year due to the closed stores during the pandemic. If you live near a Lush store, you can click on the link of that store and select the lucky bag that you want with a discount of at least 50%. There is one with only shower products (€25), one with only bath products (€25), and a small bag (€25) and a large bag (€50) with a mix of both products. After a short while, you will receive a separate  payment link in your email inbox, which is valid for 48 hours. If you pay before 16:00, you can get the lucky bag the same day. If you pay later (but still before 16:00 the next day), you will get it the next day. 

On the first Sunday of 2021, I bought two bags of the Lush Lucky bag shower for €25 each from the Lush Rotterdam store and the same day delivery costs is €7.25. The expected delivery hours are between 17:00 - 21:00, but the Packaly delivery man arrived in about 2 hours on his bike. I think they tried to call me to tell me that it will arrive around 15:00, but I missed the calls, while I was doing something else. So, if you are expecting the delivery to be after you come home from work, make sure you have someone at home to be on the safe side around 2 hours after paying or it might be delivered to a neighbor.

I hoped for a selection of soaps and shower gels, but I am still quite happy with the purchase. I got a big variety of Lush beauty products (except for the Candy cane lip scrub that I got two of) with which I can pamper myself from head to toe. I think it will last me for a while. I also got a product with my favorite snow fairy scent. I have never tried a solid shampoo before, so I am really curious how it will be.

Lush christmas sale lucky bag shower edition delivery

Bag no. 1:

Mask of magnaminty - face and body mask (125 g), €11
H'suan wen hua - hair treatment (225 g), €20
Candy cane lip scrub (25 g), €10
Snow fairy shampoo bar (80 washes, 55 g) €11.50

Bag no. 2:

Festive soap stack Christmas gift set: 100 g snowcake soap, 100 g golden pear soap, and a tenugui (a cotton gift wrap with colorful print), €20
Candy cane lip scrub (25 g), €10
Once upon a time - body lotion (100 g), €12.95
Dirty springwash shower gel (100 g), €8

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