Online beauty masterclasses from Clinique, MAC, and Dior

During the quarantine, I attended the online beauty masterclasses from Clinique, MAC, and Dior. It was the first time I tried doing this (I didn't know what to expect and what I was supposed to do), but it was a lot more fun than I thought. 

Clinique Glowing Skin look masterclass

Time: 19:00-19:45 (it ran out a bit, about 1 hour in total)
Fee: none, on invitation and with limited amount of participants 
Benefits: a set of deluxe samples (due to circumstances, they arrived after the masterclass instead of before) and a 30% discount code for the online shop
Speakers: Sophie and Jorrit (Karine V was answering questions in the comments section)
Good points: The group of participants was small (about 20 people), so I could read the comments without it moving too fast and we all had the opportunity to ask questions. The live comment section is right below the video and leaving comments is quick and easy. The whole skincare routine was shown on the instructors (great bare faces by the way!) and they each had their own camera, which zoomed in on their face and the products that they are introducing. Every once in a while, they showed an upbeat Clinique promotion video and the male and female instructors spoke with enthusiasm. They divided the parts, so we didn't listen to one person for too long and the transition between them was smooth. The sound was clear, but a bit soft, so I turned the volume way up and I put my headphones on. The whole masterclass video and the questions and answers in the comment section can be re-watched with the link in the follow-up email. 
Content: 1-2-3 (cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing) step routine, 4 skin types, the new bottle for the cleansers, the my iD product line, smart md line, moisture surge products, moisturizing BB gel, High impact mascara, Chubby stick, and Cheek pop. 

MAC All about eyes masterclass 

Time: from 19:30 
Fee: none
Benefits: tips and tricks from a MAC makeup artist and we were notified about the free, one on one, virtual question session that you can book with a MAC makeup artist through the official MAC website. Also, check out the virtual try-on of MAC makeup products.
Speakers: Harley was the main makeup artist and Tessa helped with the questions. Two other girls were behind the scenes as support.
Good points: I am interested in learning more about makeup and I learned a lot. It was a bit disrupting, but every question of the participants was immediately and properly answered, when asked in the comment section. The makeup artists are young and attractive women that looked closer in age with me. The comment section was very active and the name of every product shown and the product link in the online shop was provided (although in the wrong place). 
Content: Eye base, eyeshadow application method, different brushes, mascara, false lashes, eye concealer, eye brow gel, blush, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick, and fix spray. I was supposed to follow every step with my makeup bag in reach, but I wrote down notes and drew instead. 

Dior festive makeup look masterclass 

Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Fee: free, but you need to buy a virtual gift card of €35 to spend on Dior products at the Bijenkorf department store.
Benefits: a Dior goodie bag
Speakers: Louise and Wim
Good points: In the beginning, there was a beeping sound (a participant suggested that the mic might be too close to the speaker) and they were able to fix it quite quickly, when we told them about it in the comments. The two speakers filmed in a room with festive, Christmas decorations. Although the camera isn't close enough to see everything clearly, it did have a cosy living room feel to it. The masterclass started with eating the fortune cookie together that was in the goodie bag, which was sent to our home before the masterclass (but I already ate it on arrival :) ). We were allowed to open or close our cameras and the participants could see each other in split screens without sound on. There was a good amount of pictures and videos to see in between the talking. The music at the end and just chilling together was nice. 
Content: the perfect eyebrow, eyeshadow tricks, the Dior virtual try-on by scanning the QR code, the light beige eye pencil eye awakening trick, the Dior backstage blush in coral shade, selecting the right Dior fragrance for you, Dior hair mist and shower gel, Dior capture totale cell energy super potent serum, dream skin care and perfect, and firming and wrinkle correcting eye cream, Diorshow pump 'n' volume HD mascara 090, Dior Addict lip maximizer 001 pink, and Dior rouge ultra care lipstick and liquid. 

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