What to do with leftover Sinterklaas chocolate

After buying much more Sinterklaas treats than I can eat (just because I cannot pass on a good deal if I see one, I have an inclination to hoard things, and I can't resist delicious food), I got inventive and used a good portion up by incorporating it in different dishes. 

The first method: I melted a dark chocolate letter and poured it over a bundt cake. The bundtcake was bought at the Albert Heijn supermarket (in Dutch: Moskovische tulband - luchtige eiercake) and I like how soft and airy it is. The pretty Christmas themed sprinkles (supersize white chocolate sticks, red metallic balls, and green, chocolate leaves) are from the Jumbo supermarket (in Dutch: Winter hagel xxl figuurtjes - witte hagelslag).

Albert Heijn moskovische tulband luchtige eiercake bundt cake with melted dark chocolate christmas sprinkles

Christmas bundt cake with melted dark chocolate and christmas sprinkles

The second method: I sometimes cut off a part of the chocolate letters, cut it in tiny pieces, and store it in a small glass jar. Every day, I sprinkle a little bit over my bowl of yogurt that I have for breakfast. I also grab a handful of chocolate covered pepernoten, oats, raisins, and mixed nuts, and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Although it is not as healthy, it tastes good. If I have some at home, I add a banana too.     

not so healthy yogurt bowl with leftover Sinterklaas chocolate pepernoten raisins oats mixed nuts cinnamon breakfast

The third method: I chopped a dark chocolate letter up in small bits and I made some chocolate chip cookies with it. 

Making chocolate chip cookies with leftover Sinterklaas chocolate

On Instagram I saw someone melt a white chocolate letter in hot milk and it looked good! It is especially nice during the cold winter. I haven't tried this yet, but I might try this out when the temperature drops to below zero.   

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