Review and swatches: Modi glam nails S018 and 36

I have not been feeling too well lately. Maybe, it was caused by triggers of past trauma, food allergies, or shock from what happened to people in the news that I can identify with. I didn't feel like doing anything with makeup or even nail polish, which has always been a nice distraction from my problems. I sought comfort in food for a long time, but since it is about time for my annual spring cleaning, I sorted out some of my cosmetics and skincare. Before they expire, they really need to be reviewed. 

For Christmas and Chinese New Year, I picked out two nail polishes from the mountain of new additions to my nail polish collection.

Modi glam nails S018 - 예너자이징 (energizing)

It is a beautiful green glitter nail polish with tiny gold shimmers in a clear base. I really love the green color. I only needed two thin coats to get the result in the pictures. Application was really smooth. It is not exactly the official green color for Christmas, as it has a slight light green tone, but the tiny gold shimmers make it look really festive. 

Modi glam nails nail polish S018 energizing 예너자이징

Modi glam nails 36 - 홍콩타운 (Hong Kong town)

It is a red and gold (it looks silver in the pictures though) glitter nail polish with normal sized octagonal glitters and rectangular glitters in a clear red base. It is really suitable to wear during the Chinese New Year celebrations, as red and gold are the festive colors. It is also great that the gold is not too flashy. 

Modi glam nails nail polish 36 Hong Kong town 홍콩타운

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