First visit to the Primark store in Rotterdam city center

I have waited some time after the opening to visit the Primark store in Rotterdam city center, because I wanted to avoid the initial huge crowds. Nowadays, there is barely any waiting time and the extremely long lines in front of the store is gone. I have only been there during the weekdays, so I cannot say anything about the typical busy days, during the weekends and holidays. But shopping at this store was very comfortable, as there was a lot of space to walk around and the waiting line at the cash register was really short compared to the chaos that I am used to. The clothes were also really neatly arranged and not messy. Although it is the second biggest Primark store in the Netherlands and it has two wide floors, I feel that the selection of fashion, beauty, and interior items is a bit falling short. Maybe, it is because they are bound by restrictions due to the pandemic and they need to clear out space for sufficient airflow and create wide paths so that people can still create enough space between them. 

Primark Rotterdam city center store

Because I couldn't find much that I liked, I only bought two items. First, I saw this really cute, light blue striped pajama set (€8) near the entrance and I loved everything about it. It has a very pretty, vintage looking and subtle flower print, adjustable straps, a stretchy fabric (polyester and elastane) and a stretchy lace part along the bustline and at the bottom of the shorts. 

Primark light blue striped two piece pajama set vintage flower print lace

The second thing that I bought is this 3 piece toiletry set (€12). I discovered this near the cash register and it looked really well made. It will be really convenient for when we are allowed to travel again. It is as big as half a cabin luggage and I can use it to store clothes, shoes, beauty products, and accessories.

Primark Rotterdam 3 piece toiletry set transparent silk pink green

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