Review: Ben & Jerry's ice cream - Colin Kaepernick's Change the whirled

In the US, the Ben & Jerry's Change the whirled flavor is a caramel base ice cream with fudge chips, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate cookie swirls. On the pint of the European version, they used other words to describe the flavor than the original version: Caramel with chocolatey chunks & cookie swirls & chocolatey cookie swirls. I don't know if it is because most of us don't know what graham crackers are over here and the strict regulations about the % of chocolate something needs to have before it is allowed to be called chocolate. But I think that the flavor is pretty similar, if not the same. It is a non-dairy, vegan ice cream made with sunflower butter and I really like it, as I am lactose intolerant. I hope there will be even more non-dairy ice cream choices in the supermarket. 

Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor review Colin Kaepernick change the whirled chocolatey chunks cookie swirls

I am not a big fan of caramel, so I like how the caramel in Change the whirled is very subtle and not too sweet. The chocolatey chunks are small rectangular, soft chocolate pieces and the buttery cookie crumbs and chocolate, Oreo like, cookie crumbs were still a tiny bit crunchy and the different sizes of crumbs were distinguishable in the mouth. I like how the ingredients were swirled and mixed into the caramel ice cream, as every bite seems to taste a bit different. Some bites have more crumbs and some bites have more of the subtle caramel ice cream. I also didn't really notice that it is a non-dairy icecream, as it has a creamy and firm texture and it didn't melt too fast.

This new flavor brings awareness to racial justice and a portion of the proceeds go to Know Your Rights Camp, which is an organization that hosts free camps across America and internationally for the Black youth, engaging them around social justice issues through education and self-empowerment. The pint with a drawing of Colin Kaepernick is designed by artist-activist, Bmike. 

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