Review: TONYMOLY Mini Bunny hand cream - Pure Beige

The TONYMOLY Mini Bunny hand cream - Pure Beige (30 ml) has a small bottle that can fit in the palm of your hand. The small size makes it great to bring along. Still, it is quite wide, so it is going to be easy to find in between the mess in your bag. The bottle has a silky sheen and a big bunny illustration at the front. It has an orange, plastic screw cap, which isn't that convenient, as you might drop it or lose it. A flip cap would be better, but it would require more plastic to make. The screw shape does make it easier to close and open, even with greasy hands from after applying the hand cream, as you have more grip.  

TONYMOLY mini bunny hand cream pure beige review

The hand cream has a lotion like texture, which gets absorbed fast. My hands feels velvety soft right afterwards and the greasy/ heavy feeling is not that bad. It goes away quite quickly. I really love the scent, as it has a zesty, fruity, and powdery scent that is not too strong and you can only smell it, when you put your hands close to your nose. 

I bought this hand cream at the LOG-ON store in the Harbour City mall in Hong Kong. I remember it was more expensive than the Korean retail price, but it had testers (I also tried the Sweet Pink scent of the same hand cream line and I liked this one more) and I didn't think I would get another chance to buy any K-beauty items during that trip. So, splurging a little bit was okay. I have actually used this one to the last drop, so it was definitely worth it. 

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