Review: Fernandes soda - cherry bouquet, green punch, red grape, and cream ginger

At the Dirk supermarket, I once saw that the Fernandes soda were discounted, so I bought almost every flavor (cherry bouquet, green punch, red grape, and cream ginger) to review for my blog. I also wanted to get the flavor Super pineapple, but I couldn't find it (sold out or only available in the large bottles?). Fernandes soda actually has more flavors, but the aforementioned flavors seems to be the only flavors available in the regular supermarkets in the Netherlands. This isn't the first time that I drank Fernandes soda, but I thought it would be nice to introduce this Surinam soda brand to my readers from other countries, who don't know about it yet.

The first time, I heard about Fernandes was when I was a kid and I got sick and tired of the daily abuse and just wanted to try the very best that the world has to offer, before I die (this is still my life motto). I walked into a random Surinam shop that I have never visited before and by myself (this is a big thing for someone, who is pushed around and bullied, everywhere she goes, and barely goes anywhere by herself). Because I was scared I screamed very loudly and told them to bring out the tastiest things they have in the store. The people got so frightened by me that they thought I was trying to rob the store or something. After they calmed down and figured I was harmless, they picked out small and affordable things that they thought was delicious. The Fernandes soda was one of them. 

My favorite Fernandes soda flavor is green punch. I cannot really explain what it tastes like, but it tastes somewhat like a tropical fruit punch. The second place goes to cherry bouquet, which has a cherry flavor with a hint of rose. Cream ginger has a light orange-ginger flavor and Red grape has a candy grape flavor, but it is not too sweet. 

Review Fernandes soda cherry bouquet, green punch, red grape, and cream ginger

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