Food delivery from Kiiro - Japanese curry house

When I heard that a Japanese curry restaurant opened in Rotterdam, I really wanted to try it out. I had 2 of the pork katsu curry (€10.75) and 2 of the chicken fillet katsu curry (€10.50) delivered to my house. When it arrived, I saw that the curry sauce and the rice with the pre-cut fried food were packaged in separate bowls. I was surprised by how warm the curry sauce was and that the fried food were still a bit crispy. We shared some pieces of the fried food and I liked the fried chicken fillet more, as the fried pork was a bit dry. The curry sauce was really similar to the Japanese curry that I tried in Japan, but a bit milder and somewhat watered down. Maybe, they did this to appeal to the local Dutch customers, who are not that used to spicy food and unfamiliar herbs and seasonings. The sauce was also a bit thicker than what I am used to, but they might have made it this way for delivery and it is probably not like this in the restaurant. The amount of food was quite filling for me and the curry sauce was just enough to taste it in every bite. We received some complementary pickled cucumber and ginger with our order. 

Kiiro Japanese curry house pork katsu fried pork and curry sauce in a bowl

Pork katsu curry 

Kiiro Japanese curry house chicken katsu fried chicken fillet and curry sauce in a bowl

Chicken fillet katsu curry

Kiiro Japanese curry house curry rice with katsu chicken and pork in bowls and pickled cucumber and ginger as complimentary side dishes

Although I wish the flavors could be a bit stronger, I think the restaurant should do whatever it takes to be successful. Seeing that they opened more stores in Rotterdam, their strategy is working. The more people get exposed to the unusual flavors and food from Asia, the more diverse the restaurant scene in Rotterdam will be. Not too long ago, most of us here didn't even know what sushi, pokébowl, pho, bibimbap, bubble tea, bubble waffle, Korean BBQ, and Korean fried chicken taste like. 

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