Myeong-dong in Seoul, Korea

Myeong-dong is a famous shopping district in Seoul, Korea, where you can find many fashion, cosmetics, accessories, and k-pop merchandise shops. You can easily spend a whole day in there without getting bored for a minute. During the evening, a large variety of street food stalls will open in the middle of the shopping streets. Although I hate overcrowded places and avoid it as much as I can, it is really something that you need to see and experience in person. During the current pandemic, it is probably not as crowded as how it used to be. There is a certain charm to being part of a big crowd, who are enjoying themselves, shopping till they drop, and feasting on delicious food. But the advantage is that it no longer takes hours to move from one point to another and hopefully, the waiting lines for the popular restaurants wouldn't be as long during dinner time too. 

In the video underneath, you can see some highlights of my first visit to Myeong-dong. 

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