Review: Aritaum style pop pudding tint - polka pink

I hadn't had much experience with Aritaum makeup products yet, but the advertisements looked so amazing that I bought several items online, without seeing and testing them in person. I really liked the Aritaum wannabe cushion tints (the first makeup item I tried from this brand), so my expectations were high. One of the items I bought was the Aritaum style pop pudding tint in the color polka pink. Originally, I ordered the coral shade, but something must have went wrong during packing of the order. I normally avoid light pink lip shades, as they just don't look good on me, and I tend to lean to warmer colors. But this time, it wasn't that bad, as it is a warm-toned, light pink color. I also like how easy it is to apply it on the lips evenly and the sweet apple juice scent is very refreshing. For a lip tint, it is really moisturizing. However, the lip color isn't really long-lasting, as it is a light color that fades easily. So, regular touch-ups is necessary. The bottle is similar to a (glass?) nail polish bottle and a bit bulky and heavy to carry around. But I did use the Aritaum style pop pudding tint a lot, on the go as well. It is a really safe color that can be worn anywhere and it adds a pop of color to my tired face. 

Review: Aritaum style pop pudding tint - polka pink lip swatch

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