Review: Urban Outfitters WIP nail polish - purple beaded and halo

During one of my trips to Amsterdam many years ago, I paid a visit to the Urban Outfitters store at the Kalverstraat, as it was an "only in Amsterdam" store. Because it is rare for me to go there, I always look for stores and restaurants that I cannot find in my home city, Rotterdam. I kind of like the style of this fashion brand, as it is casual and comfortable. There are lots of my favorite hoodies, loose fit t-shirts, checkered shirts, and sweat pants. Currently, an Urban Outfitters store is located at the Koopgoot in Rotterdam. I have went in for a quick glance, close after their opening, and it looked very clean and organized. 

To get back on topic, I discovered that they had their own brand nail polishes at the cash registers and I picked out two to try out. They have been collecting dust in my room for a long time, but I am back to blogging again. The nail polishes have a beautiful, cube shape, glass bottle and a long cap. The beaded nail polish has a metallic cap and the normal nail polishes have a black rubber cap, which has somewhat melted during the years and became sticky. They were €8 per bottle (15 ml), but I bought it during a 2 for €14 (I think?) promotion. It is a bit expensive, but the bottles are bigger than normal nail polishes. The brush is narrow, similar to those of Sasa nail polishes that I own. You need about three strokes per nail, but the advantage is that you can apply it with precision.

Urban Outfitters WIP nail polish - halo is a sheer nail polish with a pink, pearly shine. I used about 3 to 4 layers to get the result in the picture. I have many of these kind of nail polishes and I often wear one layer on my nails to give them a glossy shine without being too much. 

Review Urban Outfitters WIP nail polish - purple beaded and halo nail swatches

Urban Outfitters WIP nail polish - purple beaded is a special effect nail polish, which looks like a bunch of tiny confetti on the nails. There are tiny white and purple beads in a clear base. I like how it doesn't feel rough to the touch like the sand nails, which were hot around the same time. They also look very interesting from afar. 

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