Taking an online tofu making class

Besides taking online beauty masterclasses and attending online press presentations, I also took an online cooking class recently. I am fully into lifelong learning, as I feel that you are never done learning and you never know it all. After joining a contest, I won a Korean cooking class of my choice. The various kimchi dishes and the homemade tofu making classes looked the most interesting. Eventually, I went for the tofu making, as I saw that it only required soy beans, seasalt, and vinegar. There were some unforeseen problems, such as not properly locking the blender into the machine (making it leak all over the place), not having a tofu mold (I had to use a colander and cut the tofu out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter), and not having a sour enough vinegar (I had to add more spoons than the original recipe, while not knowing if it would work). I also wish she could have sent me the written instructions beforehand or at least, pause after every step. Like pour the soybeans in the blender, pause, blend the soybeans until they are fully dissolved, pause, etc. During the class, I had to listen to the instructions and copy her actions immediately. When I failed one step, I couldn't catch up, and I also had to keep listening to the next steps.     

Also, I didn't know beforehand that it was supposed to be a one-on-one personal live class. I expected a teacher and many students, who are allowed to close their camera and mute their voice if they want to. I feel really bad about it, as the female teacher couldn't check up on my progress with the recipe and chat with me like she normally does during the waiting times. I am also scared that she might think I was some kind of creep. During a recent online beauty masterclass, the beauty expert asked us to at least open our camera to say hello and introduce ourselves to the group for a minute at the beginning. It was then that I realised that it might come off as rude and creepy to people, when they can't see or hear you during a zoom meeting with strangers. But I don't have many nice experiences with how strangers react to my nystagmus, so I feel a bit shy and reluctant about it. It shouldn't be this way, but after getting hurt repeatedly, I don't really feel like putting myself out there for people to hurt.

Eventually, the end result looked okay. The tofu was a bit more crumbly and ricotta like than the usual store-bought tofu that I eat, but the soy bean flavor was nice and the soy sauce based dipping sauce tasted good with it. It was fun trying to make tofu myself at home. Because I felt like it might fall apart, I pan-fried some tofu pieces for the next day. It was quite tasty in my kimchi soup. 

Heart shaped tofu soy sauce based dipping sauce pan fried tofu in a kimchi soup




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