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On 15 October, I attended the Xiaomi launch event of the Xiaomi 11T series in Breda. On that same day, those mobile phones would go on sale in the Netherlands at 15:00 and we toasted on that moment with glasses of champagne. A group of 25 lucky people was invited to meet Kriss Kross Amsterdam and we got a short presentation about how they use video for their music. They talked about the importance of music videos and how views and shares can increase their follower base and income. They also showed their good and not so good videos. Afterwards, they stayed for lunch and the reception with drinks and snacks. I was impressed how they made sure to personally connect with everyone at the venue, to take pictures together, and they also handed out their merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. They took fan service to the next level. 

Xiaomi 11T series cinemagic launch event venue

Xiaomi 11T series cinemagic launch event mobile phones on display

Xiaomi launch event lamp tv scooter kriss kross meet and greet

Xiaomi event clock watch scooter electric cooking plate

What left an impression the most was the cool cinemagic camera functions of the Xiaomi 11T phone that makes it possible to dramatically zoom in on a person, to make the surroundings move fast or freeze, while the main character moves normally, the night-time time lapse, and the parallel world function (a horizontal mirror like the cool reflection in water pictures). 

At the end of the presentation, little pieces of paper were placed in a glass vase and 8 Xiaomi 11T phones were the prices that could be pulled. Since 6 or 7 people didn't show up, there were still several phones without an owner. During the first round, I pulled a miss and during the next round, I didn't get to pull anything, as the leftover papers were not enough to go around, it stopped at the person right next to me. So, basically, my odds were 8/25 (32%) and the next round, it was 2/6 or 2/7 (28-33%), but I still didn't win anything. I was a little bit disappointed, but it was a fun day. I got a reason to go out of the house, take a train for the first time in over a year, taste the new strawberry acai refresha from the Starbucks at the train station, and visit a beautiful venue in the outskirts of the city of Breda that was an half hour bus ride from Breda Central train station (almost thought we were kidnapped for the Squid game :D). The place was large enough to test drive the Xiaomi electric scooters and somebody even joked about crossing the border to Belgium with it, as he saw the road signs to Belgium already. We were also pampered with unlimited drinks (water, soda, beer, wine, and champagne), snacks (sweet and savory), and a warm meal with pulled pork (or chicken?) buns, chicken skewers with peanut sauce and colorful Indonesian shrimp crackers, and traditional Southern Netherlands sausage buns. Although I lost at the lucky draw, I left the event with a goodiebag with a Xiaomi gadget and a flower bouquet. 

Sweets and snacjs at the Xiaomi event

Xiaomi event appetisers

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