Cakes from the Coop supermarket

Fall and winter weather really calls for hot cups of coffee and tea and in the Netherlands, we like to have a cookie or a piece of cake on the side. I think we are one of the rare countries, where you can, generally speaking, receive a complimentary cookie with any order of coffee and tea. We are also among the top countries that consume the most sweets. During one of my visits to the Coop supermarket, I happened to see some cakes on sale and I bought three to try out. 

The first one is from the fresh bakery section and it is called the Monchou kersenvlaai. Vlaai is a traditional flat pie from the South of the Netherlands. This one has a Monchou cream cheese - whipped cream filling, topped with fresh cherries (be careful for possible pits!). It isn't too sweet and it looks really handmade and rustic. The crust is pretty thick and the filling is really creamy. 

Coop supermarket monchou cream cheese kersenvlaai

From the freezer section, I got two frozen products from Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese; the peach melba cream torte and the French style apple tart. I expected the apple tart to be heavily butter and cinnamon flavored like the Dutch apple tarts, but the apple pieces were slightly sour and not as softened. I didn't really like it, but maybe, I didn't prepare it correctly, as the crust wouldn't get crunchy either. I also forgot to take pictures of it, after baking. 

The Peach melba cream torte on the other hand, was really tasty. I didn't expect the peach cream to have so much flavor. The sour raspberry puree on top and between the layers of cake cut through the sweetness. 

Conditorei Coppenrath and Wiese Peach melba cream torte French style apple tart

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