Review: Château Labiotte wine lipsticks - Cablis Coral and Noir Pink

In the Tony Moly store in Hong Kong, I had to buy a couple of things to qualify for the gifts with purchase and besides the Tony Moly Liptone Get it tint lip tint trio, I also bought two Château Labiotte wine lipsticks in the colors: Cablis Coral and Noir Pink. I was actually looking at the liquid lipsticks of this brand, but the sales lady convinced me to buy the lipsticks instead, as the colors are more vivid and longlasting. I quite like the sponge at the tip to smudge the lip color out at the outer edges or the whole lip. So, I picked out two colors that I would certainly like, an orange toned coral and a warm pink. I normally don't wear lipsticks often, but when I do, I like to bite into a tissue after application to prevent the lipstick from getting on my teeth and to tone the bright color down. These lipsticks have this build in. I can just apply a little in the middle of my lips and smudge it outwards. It's even convenient for on the go.

Château Labiotte wine lipsticks Cablis Coral and Noir Pink box and sponge tip

The Château Labiotte wine lipsticks have a beautiful wine bottle like appearance. The red metallic cap at the top hide the sponge tip. Somehow one cap closes tighter than the other one. It could be that it got damaged during the flight back home. This also explains the slightly damaged lipstick bullet of the Noir Pink lipstick. The lipstick bullet comes out and returns easily by twisting the top part of the lipstick. I didn't expect this in the store, but I really love how the two colors look on my lips. Strangely, the Cablis Coral didn't melt (they call them melting lipsticks) as beautifully as the Noir Pink. I do like the two colors the best all smudged out. The lipsticks also have a sweet, fruity scent. 

Château Labiotte wine lipsticks - Cablis Coral and Noir Pink applied on lips full and smudges out

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