Review: 7 Jo Malone scents

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you might have already seen the Jo Malone products that I shared in the Shorts section. Today, I will review everything mentioned in there. 

English Oak & Hazelnut cologne

It smells like a woody, very classic, manly aftershave scent. 

Orange bitters cologne

At first, it smells like orange peel, starting with the fresh orange zest and ending with a heavier bitter end note like the white part of the orange peel. In between, you can smell tiny hints of sweet mandarin and prune. It lingers as a warm and woody scent with a little bit of sweet orange. 

Cypress & Grapevine cologne intense

It smells like aftershave, but with a slight refreshing, green end note. 

Myrrh & Tonka cologne intense

It has a distinct herbal scent, which might not be everyone's favorite, and a tiny hint of a vanilla end note that takes off the sharp edges of the myrrh. 

Jo Malone samples online store and de Bijenkorf shower gel body creme

Tuberose Angelica body creme

It starts off with a fresh, green Angelica scent and develops into a strong flowery Tuberose scent that reminds me of jasmin tea. It has a slight woody end note, which makes the scent more balanced. The cream is watery and it spreads out and gets absorbed easily. It leaves a velvety, non-sticky layer on the skin.

Lime Basil and Mandarin exfoliating shower gel

It has a strong basil scent, which blends nicely with the lime and mandarin peel scents. I really like fresh citrus scents, so it is one of my favorites. It reminds me a bit of the L' Occitane Verbena scent. There are some exfoliating particles floating in the shower gel. 

English pear and Freesia body and hand wash

In the beginning, it smells like a sweet and juicy pear, which is refreshing and clean. It has a slight powdery, green, and flowery end note. It is my favorite scent out of all the scents from Jo Malone. Both shower gels have a strong lingering scent that last long on the skin, after taking a shower. 

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