Review: buying from the Ochama app

After my first visit to the pick-up point of Ochama in Rotterdam, I already made multiple purchases in the Ochama app. Although personally picking my order up through a touch screen was an interesting and new experience, the location of the pick-up store is a bit too far from the city center and from where I live. So, I had my groceries delivered for a flat fee of €4. If you order something before 16:00, it will be delivered on the next day. They deliver on every day of the week, except on Sundays. The fresh and frozen products however can only be picked up from the Ochama pick-up points. Ochama doesn't do the delivery themselves, but use the delivery companies, UPS and Dynalogic. You will get an email from them with the time window in which they expect to deliver the parcel. 

The membership to Ochama is free for 1 year, but there will be a yearly fee of €10 after that ends. You always get 10% off on your purchases, which will be given back to you in points. The points can be spend from 100 points onwards and in multiples of 100. To earn the membership fee back, you have to spend at least €100 in the Ochama app per year. 

Why I buy from the Ochama app

In the app, you can find a selection of supermarket products and G'woon, supermarket house brand, products. If you normally buy them, it is nice to always get a 10% discount. For me, I am the most interested in the categories: "Wereldkeuken" and "Oriental supermarket". I hope more products will be continously added to them. I like trying new products, in particular snacks and ramen. I also saw that they have the strawberry cheesecake from Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese in the freezer section. It would be nice if there were more cakes and pastries from this brand. 

Regularly, Ochama also has nice limited time discounts and special deals. Not always do they highlight them on the main page, so you often come across them, while you browse through the products. 

Ochama app purchases strawberry cheesecake lay's chips spa duo yakult

Underneath, you can find a selection of the deals that I found on the Ochama app: 

Lay's superchips natural 200g €0.10 (retail price:€1.55)

Spa Duo drinks €0.10 (retail price: €1.70-1.80), bottle refund of €0.25 included

Unox Smac 250g €1.85 (1+1 deal)

Pocky sticks €0.99 (retail price: €1.99)

Yakult drinks (50% off)

Nice choice crisp bread bean €0.99 (retail price: €2.60)

These are the YouTube shorts I made about Ochama. 

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