Pretty summer yukata

One of the first things, I wanted to buy in Japan was my own summer yukata. As I went in the summer, the end of July to early August 2010 period, it seemed very easy to buy one in normal stores. I was staying in Shinjuku, so the first chance that came up to buy one, was in the Emporium store located in the underground tunnel from the hotel to the station. I looked around in the store and bought a black yukata with a pink and purple flower pattern. On the back, you are supposed to tie a big, hot pink bow. What I also like about it, is that it comes with the wooden slippers, a gold colored hair pin with pink crystals, and all the ribbons necessary for around the waist. The complete set cost me 10,000 yen, but it was still a great deal to me as I did not have to find and match all the accessories myself anymore. It was perfect for a stroll during the summer festivals and for walking around in Kyoto, which I would visit later on.

japanese summer yukata balck with pink and purple flowers

Japanese yukata pattern design

Japanese slippers wooden shoes

gold Japanese hairpin with pink gem stones

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