Yuzu drink

Ever since I took a flight with JAL to Tokyo, I have become addicted to the yuzu drink that they serve on board. I have always liked lemon drinks - especially fresh lemonade and lemon ice tea -, but it is sometimes a bit too sour for my taste. The yuzu has a more delicate taste, but it gives the same refreshing feeling like lemon. It also does not leave residue in my throat after drinking; I do not know how to properly explain it, but after drinking lemonade, I often feel like there is something clogging my throat that I need to cough out. Even though the special yuzu drinks they serve on board of JAL airplanes are already very delicious, the drinks you can make yourself by mixing concentrated yuzu pulp with water is even better. I bought a jar from the Korean brand Miju in a supermarket in Hong Kong and I really like the taste. When you are starting to get a cold, you should put two spoons of the yuzu pulp in a mug and then fill it with boiling water. You will feel a lot better, after drinking it. When it is hot outside, you can also mix the yuzu with chilled carbonated mineral water or water with ice cubes for a refreshing cold drink. It tastes good both hot and cold.

miju korean honey citron lemon tea glass jar

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