Battle of the Hand creams

In this article, I will compare the three hand creams that I am currently using: the Etude House Rich Butter hand cream, the Mannings Mango Yoghurt Scented hand cream, and the Sasa Salsa Strawberry hand cream. 

Etude House Rich Butter hand cream (50 ml)

After receiving it in my first Gmarket package, I have tried the Etude House Rich Butter hand cream a few times already and these are my thoughts on it. The cream has a toothpaste like consistency and a flowery smell, which I don't like very much. The smell is very similar to potpourri. After applying, my hands become very sticky and oily. This doesn't go away after 5 minutes, which I want hand creams to do. I also don't feel that my hands have become any softer, so I will not be buying this again.

Mannings Mango Yoghurt Scented hand cream (35 ml)

Two years ago, I went to Hong Kong and at the cash register of a Mannings store, I saw some really cute, small tubes of hand cream in delicious fruit scents and as an impulse buy, I got one. I chose the one with mango yoghurt scent and it smells so good, you would want to eat it. The substance is very watery and absorbs into the skin quickly. Afterwards, my hands would feel really soft the whole day. It really was a steal, 35 ml of hand cream for HK$10. I regret not buying more, because when I went to Hong Kong last year, I couldn't find them anywhere. I am starting to think that the hand cream line is discontinued. This hand cream was what started my hand cream addiction.

Sasa Salsa Strawberry hand cream

Sasa Salsa Strawberry hand cream (50 ml)

As I could not find the Mannings Mango Yoghurt handcream or something similar in a Mannings store, I went to a Sasa store. There, I found the Salsa Strawberry hand cream. I cannot remember how much I exactly paid for it, but I believe it was around HK$20-30. The scent is really good, like strawberry yoghurt. The gel like substance is close to the one from Mannings, but less runny. Although it works alright, it does not make my hands as soft as the one from Mannings. However, it is much better than the one from Etude House. Maybe I should try the Missing U hand creams from Etude House instead.

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