Review: Etude house nail polish BR307

Etude house nail polish BR307 bottleFrom the second Gmarket order, I had bought another Etude house nail polish in the color BR307. Because I went on vacation soon after, I did not have a chance yet to give it a try. But recently, I have dug up the nail polish from my big stash of nail polishes and I have applied them on my nails. I really like how it looks.

Often, nail polishes do not look as good on the actual nails as in the bottle (and in this case, I could only rely on a small picture of the bottle on Gmarket). But this nail polish looks just the way I imagined it to be. To me, it falls in the same category as nude nail polishes. Sometimes it has a really lovely hint of grey and sometimes the purple comes out more. When I just apply one thin layer, the pink of my own natural nails comes out a bit and it meshes well with the purple. It took about four days, before it started to get very obvious chipping. It really needs a top coat.

Here you can see it on my nails in different lighting. 

Etude house nail polish BR307 nail swatches
Looking more purple
It looks a bit lighter in the pictures, but it is a very pretty color in real life. By adding more layers, the purple becomes more opaque, but I like the transparency that it has when you only apply one thin layer on the nails. It is quite good quality for something that only costs 1000 won (about 0,70 euro). I would like to buy the others of that line too, but paying the international shipping fee at Gmarket for a 200 gram bottle just becomes too costly. For reference, shipping the first kilogram (= about 5 small bottles) would cost me 19,000 won. So, for 5000 won worth of nail polishes, I need to pay almost 4 times the amount for shipping. Therefore, you should only buy these nail polishes, when you are already planning to order a lot of things at Gmarket. The international shipping costs becomes lower per kg, when the package becomes heavier.

Etude house nail polish BR307 nail swatches
Looking more greyish

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