My new winter boots

Due to my busy work schedule, I am now only having one blog update per month. I am trying to make it more than that, but at least, this is the one post for November, right before the month is going to end. :)

It is starting to get cold and it might snow soon over here, so I bought two pairs of winter boots recently. The first pair is really comfortable and you can just put your feet in them without having to deal with zippers or shoelaces. The decorative black ribbon can be completely taken off and tied they way you want. The Nordic print on the boots is just like those on traditional winter sweaters. I can walk quite long in them without being uncomfortable, but after 4-5 hours (long shopping spree), my feet start to really hurt.

Winter boots with wool winter print

The second pair of boots is very versatile, as you can wear it as long or short boots. Both pairs of boots have a slight heel, but they are still very good for walking on slippery, snowy roads.

Black furry boots

Black boots with grey fur

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