New Etude House nail polish sets: Wannabe Style Nails and Party Queen

Right after I have bought the latest Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails set in my fourth Gmarket order, I saw that there are other new Etude House nail polish sets online at Gmarket. The other nail polish set of the new Wannabe line comes with two bottles of nail polishes in contrasting colors and nail stickers with a Parisian theme (stars, hearts, butterflies, roses, and the Eiffel tower). The one on the top left is a combination of dark grey (not blue like in the picture) and light pink and the one on the lower right is a combination of black and bright pink. I really like these sets, but I already own a lot of normal nude/standard pink nail polishes and I just bought a bright pink one in my last order at Gmarket. If only I could just buy the beautiful dark grey nail polish or the stickers ... :(

I think that Etude House has created these Party Queen nail polish sets for the many Christmas and New year's eve parties in December 2011. Somehow, it looks really familiar to me. After some thought, I remember using the Etude House nail polishes like that before. Click here to see the combination of a pink base with the Etude House silver and gold glitter polishes in the second try pictures. Here, I have used the combination of a pink base with the Etude House large pink glitters nail polish. As a result, I cannot buy these sets either, because I already own all of the glitter nail polishes that comes with these sets. With a closer look at the pictures, I can tell that they took the same Etude House glitter nail polishes and put them in different, smaller bottles.

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