Gmarket order #5

This will be a belated post about the order I made at Gmarket for my birthday. I placed my order a while after the Lunar holidays, on 18 February. The package was sent out on 22 February and because it was held longer by customs as I needed to pay tax again, it arrived at my house on 3 March.

Gmarket order purchases
Filled to the brim this time. ^_^
Again, I bought a lot of nail polishes and I was really excited to find out how many were going to be good and how many a disappointment.

Tony Moly purchases

First let's start with the smallest box. I bought several items from Tony Moly and I am the most happy about the glitter nail polishes. The colors are really pretty pastel and milky/yoghurt like (I hope you know what I mean :) ) on the nails after three layers. You can see how they look on the nails in my post over here. I have often bought nail polishes that were pretty in the bottle, but not showing up at all on the nails. It wasn't the case with these nail polishes.

Tony Moly glitter yoghurt nail polishes

The next three nail polishes are from the same line as the forest green nail polish that I have bought from Tony Moly in the second Gmarket order I made. I bought the nude pink, deep purple, and the peach pink, which is one of the latest four additions to the line.

three Tony Moly nail polishes

Aside from nail polishes, I bought two of the new latest additions to the Tony Moly Petite bunny gloss bars. The one in yellow (number 8) and a bright pink one (number 9). I have no idea how they differ from the first edition, but I assume that they show up more on the lips. The yellow was a bit of a gamble, but I really liked the expression on the bunny, so I just bought it. At first, I thought it would have no color and it would be like a neutral lip balm or something. When I took off the cap, I saw that there was a pink residue around the edges of the yellow bar. I really thought that it was a used product and the previous user was wearing pink lipstick and it got on the yellow bar. But when I swatched it on the back of my hand (Of course, I was not going to test it on my own lips, when I am in doubt if it is a used product. ^_^), it came out dark pink. So the bar is yellow, but it turns into pink when you use it. It is a very pretty pink, a lot better than the gloss bar number 9, which is a bit too loud. As freebies, I got a Floria mask and two samples.   

Tony Moly nail polishes, petite bunny gloss bars, and freebies

Photo frames

Besides make up and skincare, I am also really interested in interior decorating. From reading a post of one of the Gmarket Top bloggers, I found these really artistic looking photo frames. This is not the first time that I was influenced into buying something from reading what other people bought. After looking at the different designs and sets, I choose for the ivory 12 piece set, because it is really going to stand out on colored walls.

Sandwich photo frame 12 piece set ivorySandwich photo frame 12 piece set

LG skincare

Like I wrote in a previous post, I bought two skincare sets from the LG skincare store at Gmarket. 

 Lacvert skincare set and freebies (full size cleansing foam, jar of sleeping pack, and 5 sheet masks)

I got a great deal on the Lacvert skincare set. The full-size sleeping pack (blue jar) and the 5 sheet masks I got as freebies are now being sold separately for 17,100 won. The full-size cleansing foam (worth about 8,000 won) also came free with the set. I am a little disappointed that I did not get one sheet mask of every different kind of sheet mask like in the picture, but 5 of the same. I was planning to buy the sheet mask deal (10+3), if they were good. 

The Nanas' B set is also very nice and with a lot of freebies. I got a large green bottle of tea tree mist, a small tube of O'Blee moisture foam cleanser, a lip tint, two samples, and a green flowery pouch to discreetly put hygiene pads in.     

Nanas'B skincare set with freebies (tea tree mist, miniature O'Blee moisture foam cleanser, lip tint, samples and flowery pouch)

 Peripera purchases

Last but not least, I will open the big box of products from Peripera to show you what's in it. Like I wrote in a previous post, there were a lot of discounts at the Peripera shop and because of that, I bought many products. It was so much that the seller actually gave me one Wonder talk lip balm tin and a beautiful make up pouch with a Mari Kim's illustration on it for free.

A set of three nail polishes also came with a free bottle of nail polish remover and I bought three sets, so in total, I received three large bottles of nail polish remover for free too. I am really happy with the freebies from Peripera. I really want to say: " Thank you generous seller!"

Peripera nail polishes, wonder talk lip balms, blusher, and freebies

I was actually really afraid that I would get nothing, since I placed the order on Saturday and the picture showing that you would get freebies with purchase, was not placed on the product pages until Monday, which is exactly the day that the seller send my order out. I also only expected a mouse pad and a Wonder talk lip balm tin in orange (number 6), because that is what I should get according to the freebies picture, but I actually received a nice make up pouch worth 7,900 won.

I cannot believe, I just wrote that much just about the freebies I got. Let's now actually look at the things I bought.

In total, I bought 9 bottles of nail polish for the discounted price of 6,900 won per three. I also bought three Wonder talk lip balm tins for the discounted price of 9,900 won per three. The blusher with very pretty pink lace packaging also had a discount of 1,000 won off the original price.

Peripera Wonder talk lip balm tins
 As you can see in the picture, the freebie (orange lip tint with a pink lip in the middle) did not have a magnetized pink applicator. It also came without the transparent box.

So how did the search for a dupe of the Chanel 549 distraction go? 

Coral Peripera nail polish and Tony Moly nail polish
The two bottles of nail polish that I thought were similar

I failed miserably.

The Peripera one is a lot more bright orange on the nails than in the promotional picture and the Tony Moly one is leaning a bit more to dark/warm pink. At least, I got lucky with the Tony Moly glitter nail polishes.

Tony Moly nail polishes yoghurt glitters
Another look at the pretty Tony Moly glitter nail polishes.

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