Gmarket order #6

This is already my sixth order at Gmarket. Luckily, I did not have any problems with taxes this time. So, everything arrived at my house relatively quickly. I placed my order on 15 May. After my items from the Saem (the Jade aqua radiance cream and the cute snail hand cream) were canceled, I combined shipping with some other products I ordered on 22 May. The box was send out on 24 May, it arrived in the Netherlands on 25 May, and came in my possession on 31 May. It took a bit longer than the usual 2 days, because there was a weekend and a public holiday in between.

Let's open the box.

Gmarket purchases

Summer dresses

Firstly, I have bought some clothes from Gmarket again. It is hard to figure out the sizing correctly, but the clothes fit me very well. I have bought a flowery dress and a colorblock dress.

Korean purple flowery dress from Gmarket
Purple flowery dress
Korean color block dress from Gmarket
Color-block dress


Korean foldable headphonepink fish shaped cord winder

My headphone died on me just recently, so I bought a new one at Gmarket. It is a black headphone with bright pink stars. I got many freebies with the headphone; a pink smiley in-ear headphone, a black pouch, a pink fish shaped cord winder, and a cable extender.

headphone with freebies from Gmarket

Etude House

Last time, I mentioned in my blog over here that there was a 50% sale on all Etude House nail polishes, so of course, I bought a whole bunch myself. The bright pastel nail polishes would look very lovely on my nails in the summer. I also bought a bright red and black nail polish.

Etude House pastel nail polishes

The juicy cocktail gradation nails were discounted from 6,000 won to 3,000 won, so I had to buy one set in green and one in purple. The rest of the Etude House items were also 10% off. That's why I also bought some eye shadows to try out. I choose a brown-gold, dark blue, and purple eyeshadow.

Etude House nail polishes, juicy cocktail gradation nails sets, and eyeshadows.
Etude House Juicy cocktail gradation nails no. 4
Etude House Juicy cocktail gradation nails set no. 3
Etude House eyeshadow mono purple, brown-gold, blue
Etude House Silky Cotton PadsEtude House freebies

Previously, I got some cotton pads as freebies from Etude House and they work very well with toners and other skin care, so I also bought a box with 80 cotton pads. As freebies, I got my second heart shaped mirror wand/eyebrow shaper from Etude House, a Black Head cleansing foam pad, and some samples of the Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit.


For the longest time, I also wanted to try the eye shadows from Peripera. I bought the number 36 in Forest green and I got the number 1 in yellow/gold for free! Next to that, I bought some more of the very nice eyeliners in color 3 Deep Khaki and 8 Golden peach.

Peripera eyeshadow mono and eyeliners
Peripera eyeliners 8 golden peach and Deep Khaki
Peripera eyeshadow mono 36 (forest green) and 1 (yellow)


  So, why do I like the Peripera eye liners so much? You can see it yourself from the swatches I made of all the eyeliners that I own.

Peripera and Holika Holika eyeliners swatches
Swatches of all the pencil eyeliners I own: Peripera 6 Shimmer Beige, 8 Golden Peach, 3 Deep Khaki, 4 Night Purple, Holika Holika 1 Black and 7 Diamond (From left to right).
Although the Diamond eyeliner of Holika Holika is very shimmery, it does not have the same complexity as the ones from Peripera. They have shimmers in different colors to add to the intensity of the colors. I can also use them as eye shadows due to that. 

While I am swatching on my arm anyways, I also swatched the eye shadows that I have bought from this Gmarket order.

Peripera and Etude House eyeshadow swatches
From left to right: Peripera 1 Yellow, Peripera 36 Forest green, Etude House PP502 (plummy purple), Etude House BR01 (Milk Cocoa) and two times the Etude House BL04 (Indigo). Yes, you have read that right. Indigo is swatched twice. The first time, I used my eyeshadow brush that was temporarily cleaned with cleansing oil to swatch BL04 in Indigo and the swatch turned out purple. This was a bit odd, so I swatched again with my finger and it did turn out to be blue. The purple is incredibly pretty, so next time, I guess I will be dipping my eyeshadow brush in cleansing oil first to get the blue to turn to purple again.

Peripera and Etude House eyeshadow swatches outdoors

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