Second pa nail polish purchase in Japan

From my last trip to Japan, I have once again picked up some pa nail polishes. This time, I bought them at the Don Quijote store (aka Donki) in Shibuya.

pa nail polishes in plastic packaging
Pictures I made at the hotel before I threw out the packaging.
pa nail polishes code numbers in the back
The numbers of the nail polish from left to right: A92 (the Chanel Distraction dupe), A81, AA39, AA37, A125.

The A81 is the first official red nail polish that I own. Even though I really love nail polish, I have always thought that bright red is really hard to wear unless you are feminine enough. I guess, since I am getting older, I can finally consider myself somewhat feminine. The A81 is a very opaque red nail polish with small gold, pink, and red glitters in it. I am wearing it right now and I really love it!

pa nail polish A81 red with glitters
Pa nail polish A81

pa nail polish A81 on nails
Pa nail polish A81 on my nails.

The Pa Nail color premier Lame Grande AA37 (blue) and AA39 (red) both have holographic flakies in them. Although the base color looks really bright in the bottle, you barely notice it on the nails. So do not make the same mistake as me and just buy one of them. They look almost the same. You can see for yourself in the post with the swatches here.

pa nail polish AA37pa nail polish AA39

The Pa nail color A92 (coral pink nail polish on the left) was already shown before over here. The one I like the most is the pa nail polish A125. It is like putting the sparkles coming from a diamond onto your nails.

pa nail polish A92pa nail polish A125

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