Small gifts for Christmas found at Accessorize

The easiest gifts to get for a relatively low price are wallets and coin purses. It does not matter if they already own one that they use regularly. I sometimes switch from wallets depending on the mood, clothes that I am wearing, and the size of the bag that I am carrying that day. And some people just do not get around buying a new wallet, even though theirs are starting to fall apart anytime soon. That is when you come in and present them with this caring gift. 

I have looked around at the Accessorize online store and found these great gifts. Underneath are some wallets suitable for younger girls (little sisters and cousins) or older girls who are still young at heart. :)

Rectangular Floral Purse €13.90 | Pink Butterfly Coin purse €6.90 | Oriental Flowers coin purse €6.90 | Fox Coin purse €12.50 | Owl Coin purse €12.50 | London Bus Long Zip Wallet €23.50 

These wallets on the left are suitable as gifts for more mature and ladylike women.

Pink Scalloped Edge Clip Frame Coin purse €13.90
Bow Fold Over Soft Wallet €18.90
Tan Scalloped Frame Purse €14.90
Tartan Curve Clip Frame €18.90 

I have also thought about the guy friends, boyfriends, and husbands of yours. The wallets on the right are two interesting wallets for guys to have. The Union Jack wallet with the faded gold print looks very cool. Also, it is just funny to see them take out the Dollar bills Wallet from the back pocket of their pants. It looks at first sight like they are taking a stack of folded bank notes out, while this is the wallet's unique design. It is also nice to see the grin on your man's face when they are asked where they got this cool wallet from and he answers: "It's a gift from my girl friend (darling/honey/wife, etc., whatever applies ^^)." 

Dollar Bills Wallet €14.90
Union Jack Wallet €14.90

Since most guys must have many gadgets with a touch screen, you do not want them to get frozen fingers, so a pair of gloves that makes it possible to still use their touch phone without taking them off, would be well-received by them. I do suggest looking around a bit at some other stores, because I must have seen gloves like these somewhere cheaper.

Men's Touch Phone Gloves €18.90

For the picky moms and mother-in-laws, I have picked out some gifts that do not cost much, but looks like a million bucks. I have noticed that my mom does not want me to splurge on gifts, but does want to receive gifts. Especially things that she can carry on her body like a proud peacock. The pretty peacock feathers mounted on the butterfly ring would be perfect for that purpose. The clutch covered with embroidered pansies and black lace is also an item that is bound to draw the attention of onlookers. Lastly, the necklace with large sparkly black volcanic stones surrounded with white crystals would totally shine on her neck. Although, you do need to encourage them to find the courage to wear a dress with a deep v-line to really bring this item out.

Pretty peacock butterfly ring €13.90 | All Over Pansy & Lace Envelope clutch €44.90 | Volcanic Bling Long Pendant €19.90

After all this buying for others, you do need to think about yourself a bit. You can spoil yourself with these smaller gifts underneath or one of the bags.

Aztec Illusion Nail Polish €5.90 | Molten Copper Illusion Nail Polish €5.90 | 4 Metal Bow Hair Clips (2 gold and 2 silver) €4.90 | Frou Frou Earmuff €24.90

Hoxton Satchel €34.90 | Studded Rucksack €59 | Mari Tote, discounted price: €49.90 

Pictures from Accessorize and they were edited by me.

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