Gmarket order #8

My 8th Gmarket order took the longest to get to me. I placed my order on 3 November, it was sent out on 7 November, arrived in the Netherlands on 8 November, and finally delivered on my doorstep on 22 November. The post office had sent me a letter on 16 November asking me to provide them with the exact value of the parcel, because they were unable to determine that themselves. I have sent the filled in form with the PayPal invoice out on 20 November and the parcel came with the bill of the required tax payment two days later.

It was worth the wait though, so let's have a look at what I have ordered this time.

After having my previous box from the 7th order crushed, I have noticed that the box is a lot sturdier now. Although it adds to the total weight, it is good to know that you do not have to worry that the contents will get damaged or even worse, go missing. The box only needs to get a small hole at the corners of the box for one of the smaller Etude House bubble wrapped items to fall out.

Let's open the biggest box in the left corner first. I have ordered a whole bunch of chocolate making products. Initially, I wanted to make some chocolate pepero sticks on 11 November, which is the Korean pepero day. But I did not get my parcel until way past that day. :(

Korean chocolate making supplies

I have ordered 11 kinds of chocolate molds, a golden gift box to put home-made chocolate bonbons in, 2 different styles of pepero plastic bags, different kinds of bag closing strips, 4 different colored and flavored chocolate chips (strawberry, yoghurt, melon and mango), and four tubes of decorating pens. In another picture, you can see the metal chocolate melting bowl and handy spatula.

chocolate making supplies bought at Gmarket

spatula and metal melting pot for chocolate making

I have made these chocolate covered cookie sticks with these chocolate making supplies. Read how I did it over here. You can find my second attempt over here.

chocolate covered bread sticks, home-made giant pocky sticks

the Saem purchases

After all this while, I have finally bought something from the Saem shop at Gmarket. I previously wrote that I received some Chaga samples over here, and they worked quite well on my skin. That´s why I decided to buy the Chaga White Liposome 100 serum. The bottle is really pretty and made of durable plastic. It also smells really light and fresh. Besides the serum, I also bought all three of the snail hand creams. They are so adorable! As freebies, I received a insulated tumbler and three samples: two of the Saem´s silky smooth pore scrub foam and one of the Dr. Beauty Micro-peel soft gel. 

the Saem chaga white liposome 100 serumthe Saem purchases and freebies at Gmarket

Peripera purchases

From Peripera, I again bought 4 nail polishes.The new BL608 and the PK022 have been on my wishlist for a long time. I cannot wait to try them out.

Update: I have swatched the BL608 over here and then the PK022 and the PK018 over here.

Peripera nail polishes

Etude House purchases

From Etude House, I bought 10 products during the 30% off sale. I have bought the Etude House fake eyelashes in my first Gmarket order before, but back then I choose two pairs that were quite natural. Me wearing the eyelashes or wearing multiple layers of mascara did not differ much. This time, I choose two that are a lot more dramatic. I am planning to wear these for the Christmas and New Year's parties. The Etude House Dear my deep color nails nail polishes I bought in the 7th order were really nice, so I also bought the DGR702 Meet Mint and the DRD301 Why Wine. And after talking about the new finds at Etude House over here, I of course had to buy the new Mascara cleaner and Line Remover Stick. Not to forget, the really cute bird hand creams of the third Missing u series, of which part of the proceedings will help protect endangered animals. After buying all four of these hand creams, I must have been able to save at least one little bird of these extinct species. Done my good deed number 1001. ^_^

Etude House purchases
Etude House Missing U hand cream - I can fly very berry cherry and sweet cotton candy

Etude House Missing U hand cream - I can fly Peach and Sunny Apple

- Review on the Etude House Missing U - I can fly hand creams can be found over here.
- Review of the Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick can be found here.
- The Etude House Eraser Show Mascara cleaner was pitched against the Heroine make mascara remover over here.
- The Etude House Natural eyelashes number 5 was used for my New Year's Eve eye makeup look, shown over here.

Due to pure coincidence, I stumbled upon the Limited edition Etude House Halloween nail polish sets. After seeing these promotional pictures underneath, I could not resist buying these. However, I saw that the official Etude House store was not selling these. I searched for a while and found a private seller on Gmarket that had these sets in his store. While I was buying something from him anyway, I looked at the other items in his store. I found the new additions to the Innisfree Star Sign Nail collection. I bought three of the four, except for the one in gold, because it looks too much like the number 105 that I already have. Seeing these bottles of glitter nail polishes all together, makes me feel like I went to nail polish heaven. ^_~

- I have made swatches of the If story nail kit 1 and 2 over here
- Pictures of the Innisfree #112 can be found here
- The Innisfree #109 is used to create these beautiful bridal nails over here
- For Christmas, I used the Innisfree #111, the Etude House DRD301 Why Wine and DGR702 Meet Mint to create these beautiful Christmas nails over here.

Promotional pictures from Etude House

Etude House If Story Nail Kit 1 and 2 - Halloween edition

Etude House If story nail kit 1 nail polishes
If story nail kit 1

Etude House If Story nail kit 2 nail polishes
If Story nail kit 2

Innisfree nail polishes

Innisfree nail polishes
Innisfree #112, #111, and #109

Let's have a one last look at the pretty hand creams that I have bought. :)

Etude House Missing U hand creams in cute bird containers

the Saem snail hand creams

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