New Etude House products, November 2012

November and December are already the months I spend the most money in the whole year, but Etude House really wants me to break my previous records. They have just introduced some new products and I am trying very hard to resist clicking on the "Add to the cart" button at Gmarket.

I will first start with something a bit easier to resist the urge to buy. Etude House is already selling eyeshadow palettes with four colors in it, but now they have a new line, the Dear my blooming eyes eye shadow palettes (13,000 won.), and the packaging has changed a bit. The black ribbon on the front has turned dark grey. The color selection has also become more mature.

Etude House has also a new Drawing Queen Creamy Pencil eyeliner set. You can currently get 5 different colors of eyeliner pencils in a cute pink pouch for the greatly discounted price of 16,800 won. That is about 3 dollars per eyeliner.
Now comes the new Etude House collection that I am anticipating the most (aka what my wallet is fearing the most), the Princess Etoinette line. Although I do not use loose powder and blush often, I am already picturing how pretty the Princess Etoinette white loose powder jar and the pink blush jar would look on my vanity table. The packaging is really in the style of Marie Antoinette with the pretty swirls and flowery/leafy foots at the bottom of the jars. The blush is made up of small heart tablets in different shades of pink. There is also a different color of blush available in a more orange toned color combination (not pictured). The pink make-up pouch with lace is very adorable with the pink ribbon on top. I also really like the small glasses the scented candles are in and the bath tablets in heart shape. They would be perfect as stocking fillers. 

Now, to end with a bang. Etude House has of course developed some spectacular nail polish sets in Princess Etoinette style. The pink and blue set is calling me louder than the pink and purple set. I really like the rose print nail stickers that you get with that set. The white nail polish with different sized gold speckles is also really fascinating. The pink and purple set on the other hand is missing the wow factor. Maybe I need to see this in person, because the colors looks really washed out in the promotion pictures. Although the swirl print looks really delicate and pretty, the colors are melting into each other too much. The blue polish is also not really matching.

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