Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar lip swatches

In this post, I have already shown you some swatches of the Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bars on my arm. But this time, I will finally show you how they look on my lips. It took quite a while to find the time to make the pictures. It is more difficult than I thought to make pictures of my lips properly. >_<
As you can see, I own the petite bunny gloss bar number 6,8 and 9. The number 6 gloss bar smells like sweet orange and although it may look otherwise according to the color of the plastic tube, it has a orange hue. The number 8 has a yellow plastic tube and it is a yellow lip balm stick, which changes to a pink color on the lips. As you can see in the picture, the number 8 has a pink/red hue. The number 9 is a lighter pink color that has a hint of fuchsia.

Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar lip swatches
The Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bars have a slight glossy finish and moisturizes the lips. I normally have dry crackled lips, but after application of the gloss bar, they feel a lot smoother. Right after putting it on the lips, the lip balm can have a overly bright color, but it fades out to a more natural color. This is similar to what happens with lip tints. The petite bunny gloss bars have some lip tint properties, so the color is quite long-lasting. And if you want more color pay-off, you could put more layers of lip balm on your lips. For the pictures, I have swiped the gloss bars two to three times over the lips.

Product pictures are from Tony Moly, lip pictures are mine.

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