Etude House Missing U I can fly lip balms

As you might have seen in my 8th Gmarket order post, I have bought all four of the Etude House Missing U I can fly hand creams. Anything for the sake of charity. :)

Etude House first started with this "Protect endangered animals" campaign in 2010, with selling four hand creams in a a seal, a pink dolphin, a panda, and a penguin container. In 2011, they wanted to put an effort in protecting bees from global warming and electromagnetic waves. The hand creams represented four members of a happy bee family. Now in 2012, the "I can fly" collection has four birds as the leads. In the flyer underneath, you can see that the pink bird is the Eagle Owl (cherry scent), the green bird is the Kakapo (apple scent), the blue bird is the Cerulean Warbler (candy scent), and the yellow bird is the Eastern Grass Owl (peach scent). The I can fly hand creams are 4-free (No paraben, sulphate, ethanol, and mineral oil).

That's not all, I just found out that the I can fly collection also has very cute lip balms. They kind of look like the EOS lip balms, but they are a lot cuter since with their cute grey spots, the exterior look like bird eggs.

All pictures in this post are from Etude House.

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