Korean Christmas 2012 nail polishes

This Christmas, many Korean cosmetics brands have special Christmas edition nail polishes out. I found some very pretty nail polishes from Peripera, Etude House, and Innisfree.

Peripera has created 4 different glitter nail polishes for this Christmas: one white glitter nail polish with red accents, one red glitter nail polish, one black nail polish with faded/old gold glitter, and one golden glitter nail polish with white glitters. I particularly like the WH806 and the BK504. The YE905 looks a lot like the Innisfree glitter polishes that I already own, which you can see over here. Everyone knows that glitter nail polishes are hard to remove, so Peripera also made a peel off base coat (CR957, picture in the right), which is also part of this Christmas collection. 

I bought all four of these Peripera glitter nail polishes and made swatches, you can find them here: WH806, RD704, BK504, and YE905.

Etude House has continued making interesting nail polish sets in the If story nail polish range. I have shown you the If story nail polish sets one and two over here. The If story nail kit number 4 is my favorite, out of the two that just got released. I really like the pastel colored nail polish. I already bought the Innisfree nail polish no. 111 that is similar to the black and white glitter nail polish, which looks a lot like Lynderella's Connect the dots. I also have a similar one (Innisfree nail polish no. 109) to the white nail polish that is in the story 3 set, just without the red hearts. The very Christmas like nail polish with the red, green, gold and silver glitters does not look too appealing to me from these provided pictures, but I could still change my mind about this.

Update: see my swatches of these two Etude House Christmas nail kits over here and here.

Lastly, there is the Innisfree Christmas nail polish set. You cannot buy these nail polishes separately, so you just have to buy them all. There is just nothing you can do about it. ^_^ I like the red nail polish the most at the moment. The red glitter is leaning a bit to wine red from the picture, which I think looks very elegant for Christmas parties. The golden nail sticker sheet, which comes with the set is also very festive. The golden nail stickers with the shape of snow flakes and Christmas trees would look really nice on top of black nails.

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