Etude House S/S 2013 nail polishes

Etude House has some great new nail polishes out again for this spring and summer. First, they have added 8 new Spring/Summer 2013 nail polishes to the Dear my deep color nail polish collection. From this collection, I have swatched the DBL601 Blow BlueDBL602 Maybe Navy, DRD301 Why WineDGR701 Tint Mint, and DGR702 Meet Mint. I really like the consistency and the color of these nail polishes, so I am already putting these new colors on my wishlist. I especially like the Mink Mint and the Bye Violet, but don't be surprised if I decide to buy them all. :)  

Update: I did buy all these nail polishes, see here. ^_^

New additions to the Etude House 

Dear my deep color nail polish collection

Etude House Fashion Queen nail polish sets

Moreover, they have introduced their first Nail Mini Collection in 2013, the Fashion Queen nail polish sets. This time, they were inspired by fashion and created two nail polish sets based on denim/a pair of jeans and chic black clothing with gold and silver sequins. The Etude House Fashion Queen set number 1 contains three denim inspired nail polishes and a nail sticker sheet with zipper and lace prints. The three nail polishes look like different washes on jeans: the first one is the acid washed jeans, which has been totally bleached with small speckles of blue left, the second one is the raw/dry denim, which is totally dark blue, and the third one is the stone-washed jeans with the distinctive blue speckled pattern. The shiny silvery zipper nail stickers really look like the zippers on a pair of jeans and the white lace stickers added over the blue nail polishes seems to mimic the frail white lace applications on designer jeans. The fashion queen set number 2 also contains three nail polishes and a sticker sheet. The first nail polish has large round golden sequins in a transparent base and the second glitter nail polish has a mixture of different sizes and shaped glitters in black and silver. The third nail polish seem to be a really interesting matte black. The nail sticker sheet that comes with this set has very cute skulls, wings, sunglasses, safety pins, and stars, adding a touch of rocker feel to the nails.

Here is a video showing you how to create a special version of the French manicure with the Fashion Queen nail polish set number 1.

Update: I have found more Etude House spring 2013 nail polishes!

Etude House Look at my nails nail polishes

These are the 6 new nail polishes added to the Look at my nails range. These nail polishes somehow have a very romantic feel to them. It is a range of colors that you would be able to see in a bouquet of roses. Spring is the season of love (and blooming flowers). ^_^ I especially like the BE102, OR202, and PK001. Cannot wait to see swatches of these. :)

Names of the nail polishes:
BE101 - Chocolate syrup
BE102 - Maple syrup
BE103 - Hazelnut Pearl syrup
OR202 - Grapefruit syrup
PK001 - Cherry Blossom Syrup
PK003 - Strawberry milk syrup

Update 2: I bought three of these and you can see them here.

All pictures in this post are from Etude House

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