Review: Kruidvat beauty drinks

After getting virtual makeup and skincare masterclasses, I also got to attend my first online press presentation. It was for the drugstore chain, Kruidvat, and it was very professionally executed, almost like a TV program. Besides seeing the two presenters in a beautiful studio (almost like for the evening news), there was a slideshow in the same size underneath the screen, an interactive quiz for the viewers to participate in with real time results, and a comment section for questions. It must have been nerve wracking to present this live show, but the speakers were very talkative and there wasn't a quiet and awkward moment. 

Kruidvat has introduced two kinds of beauty drinks that are supposed to make you more beautiful from the inside, instead of from the outside like with face creams: the collagen beauty drink and the hyaluron beauty drink. One box has 14 bottles of 25 ml and you take one each morning during or after breakfast. They also gave us some skincare tips about more Vitamin C (antioxidant) intake and spending less time in the sun or with proper sun protection. 

Kruidvat hyaluron collagen beauty drinks review

I received one box of each flavor and I first tried the hyaluron beauty drink for 14 days (not in a row, as there were one or two days that I forgot). People started telling me that I visibly look better and gave me compliments. I also noticed that my elbows (the dryest parts on my body) felt less dry. Next, I tried the collagen beauty drink for 14 days and the most noticeable effects on me were stronger hair and nails. The drinks didn't taste that great as they were a little bit acidic, but I personally prefer the orange flavor over the overly sweet peach flavor. However, I felt that the hyaluron beauty drink was more suitable for my age and skin problems (more having problems with dryness than with wrinkles). 

Currently, there is a 25% discount and it is only €9.74 per box (original price: €12.99) plus free shipping. 

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