Etude House Sweet Recipe collection

Etude House has a new line of products out with the name "Sweet recipe". There are 8 colors of lipsticks and 3 colors of face base. I was just thinking about getting a lip product that looks as sweet as a jelly bean not too long ago (proof ^_^). Out of the 8 colors of lipsticks, I like the hot pink (JPK002) and the salmon orange (JPK004) the most. These lipsticks are jelly sticks, so they must be very moisturizing. The packaging of the lipsticks is white with a jelly like, beaded rim in the color of the lipstick. 

The Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base comes in a really cute jar and is available in three colors: beige, green, and pink. On the promotional pictures, these are pictured like delicious whip cream (to be precise: the cream within a choux, which is a cream puff). This explains the name.

I just saw that there are more products in the Sweet Recipe line. Out of these, I like the four ice cream nail polishes the most. They really look like ice cream cones with colorful sprinkles on them. There are now 8 more colors of Ice cream nails, you can read more in this post that I wrote.

These cotton balls that look like cotton candy in pastel colors look very delicious too. :) I know that these are just colored cotton balls, but would I pay a higher price for these? I think I would. ^_^

The Etude House Sweet Recipe collection also has two brown cream eyeliners, eye shadows, highlighters, blushes, and candy cane lip balms. 

Etude House Sweet Recipe commercials

The concept of the Sweet Recipe commercials is really nice. Sulli and Krystal play two girls that want to work at the bakery, where the boys of Shinee are already working. However, there is only one opening. So, these two girls need to have a bake off. Krystal makes the first recipe by working with jelly and Sulli is making Choux with fluffy cream in them.

There is a new video with Sulli showing you how to apply the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base number 2, the Choco Chip Cookie Pact number 1, the Chocolate eyes eyeshadow palette, the Cupcake All Over Color PK001 and OR202, and the Candy stick number 2.  

In another video, Krystal shows you how to use the Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs, Choco Chip Cookie Pact number 1, Chocolate Highlighter, Chocolate Eyes, Choco Stick Eyeshadow brush, Cupcake Eyes PK001 (bright yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eye seems to be the trend nowadays), Chocolate Smudge Liner no. 1 Dark Choco brown, Cupcake All over color PK002, Dear my Jelly Lips lipstick JOR201 and JPK002 (worn over each other, pretty!). 

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